We are Fundación Camino

The House is located in the heart of Providencia, at Calle Mariátegui 2343.

In Fundación Camino, we look to embrace youth with cancer between the ages of 12 and 18. These youths come from different regions of Chile that need a place to stay in Santiago while undergoing medical attention.

We provide meals, a roof, and transportation, apart from diverse complementary and accompaniment programs throughout their oncological treatments.

Our book inspiration

The Other side of the Road: Camino Foundation. The history that this book narrates, written by Patricia Arancibia, is our inspiration.

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Get to know our house — We have a new house

Casa camino in Providencia, Santiago Chile  —  The house is located in the heart of the municipality of Providencia


Rooms for 28 people


Square meters constructed


Youths aided annually

The construction commenced in March of 2018, an effort of many made into a reality.

Complementary and accompaniment programs

Fundación Camino